Miki Kitazawa Photo exhibition

July 22th, 2015 - August 1st, 2015
Closed on Sunday and Monday
*The artist is at the gallery on 22 July - 25 July, 30 July - 1 August.
Miki Kitazawa, 2013
Miki Kitazawa, 2013
Miki Kitazawa, 2013
Miki Kitazawa, 2013
We are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition CONTACT by Miki Kitazawafrom 22th July (Fri.) – 1th August (Sat.) .
Kitazawa tries to capture image of daily scenery and usual moments without stereotypes. Also she focuses to the things that are not seen and the things that we do not see unconsciously. Then she reveals carefully the essential of the subjects and the relationships with her and others.
There is an equilibrium that ascertains the distance with others. It can makes the viewer realize that there are complicated relationships in everyday life.
This first solo exhibition consists 16 works including new works.

I don't take a photo to describe the subject,
but I do it to approach to the thing that exists.

--Miki Kitazawa

※We have a talk show on 25th July. Please check this page for more infomation.

Miki Kitazawa
Born 1988 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.